Select your Ticket

Single Ticket
valid for one ride without breaks.

Day Ticket
valid one calendar day.
Take as many rides as you like it between the entry and exit zone along the selected route on a calendar day!
Weekly Ticket
valid 7 days from the day of cancellation. The validity ends on the last of the seven days at midnight. This ticket already pays off after 4 rides per week.  
Monthly Ticket
valid for one month from the day of cancellation.
Annual Ticket
Reduced single and day tickets are offered to the following passengers:
 Children (6-14 years) Children who appear to be aged older may be asked to show proof of age.
 Young People (15-21 years). Proof of age is necessary!
 Families, "ÖBB-VORTEILSCARD Familie" is required
 Senior citizens, "ÖBB-VORTEILScard Senior" is required
 People with disabilities, "ÖBB-VORTEILScard Spezial" is required
 Blind persons, "ÖBB-VORTEILScard Blind" is required
 War-disabled persons, "ÖBB-VORTEILScard Spezial - Schwerkriegsbeschädigt" is required. It can only be ordered through the Federal Austrian Social Services Department. It is only valid in connection with an official photo identification.

Where to buy tickets?

At station ticket offices
On buses
You can buy tickets with cash on most buses.
Using a 'self-service' ticket machine available at many stations in Linz, Wels and Steyr as well as in the region.
In Linz you'll need a ticket before you board some services. You can buy a ticket from the machine at the stop before you get on, if you don't already have a valid ticket.